Photos for the cast

Originally, I wanted to have two photos: a 5x7 that had all the principals, and a 4x6 for all the chorus members. Unfortunately, there was no single picture with all the principals, nor one with all the chorus. So I ended up with all of these. Each image here is a link to a full-resolution image you can save and upload to Walgreen's or Sam's Club for printing on photo paper. Or print on your own printer. Note that each image is around a megabyte.

Cast: curtain call. This got most of the chorus, but not the plates. If anybody else got left out, I apologize. (4x6 inch print — or you could do a 12x18 inch poster)

The plates! (4x6 inch print)

Most of the principals got this. Actors' names are across the bottom.

Gaston and the "silly girls" (or, as I liked to call them, the Gastonettes). Names by the actors.

For Lauren, who made Belle's yellow dress. Text says "Dress designed and constructed by Lauren White."

Same image, without the additional text. It was the only shot with Jim Crinion (Monsieur D'Arque). I didn't label it because it seemed weird to put just one name on, and impossible to put everybody's on.

Had to use a dress rehearsal shot to get Lefou. But this is one of my favorites.

Cogsworth and the Wardrobe.

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